State & National Chairs

Manor House Daughters serve not only at the Chapter level, but also in DCDAR and NSDAR leadership. The following are Manor House members currently serving in this capacity for the 2018–2020 term:

Kelly Cullinane

  • DCDAR State Chair, The Flag of the U.S.A.

Aryssa Damron

  • DCDAR State Chair, Community Classroom

  • DCDAR State Chair, State Regents Project

  • DCDAR State Page Club, Vice President

  • NSDAR Eastern Division Vice Chair, Literacy promotion

  • D.C.C.A.R. Senior State Recording Secretary

Elise Forester

  • NSDAR Property Beautification and

  • Hospitality Committee, Member

Layla Voll Heimlich

  • DCDAR Credentials Committee Chair

  • DCDAR DAR Scholarships and Commissions

  • Vice Chair, Newton Trust

  • NSDAR Eastern Division Vice Chair, DAR Museum Outreach

  • D.C.C.A.R. Senior State Chaplain

Lenna Hoffman

  • DCDAR State Chair, District Gazette

  • DCDAR State Chair, Website

  • DCDAR Volunteer Information Specialists Vice Chair, Membership Toolkit

  • DCDAR State Chapter Regents Club, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

  • D.C.C.A.R Senior State Treasurer

Katie Hortenstine

  • DCDAR State Registrar

  • NSDAR National Vice Chair, Regional Specialist Lineage Research, NSDAR/NARA

Catherine Timbers

  • NSDAR Vice Chair, Tours and Events Committee

Nikki Williams Sebastian

  • NSDAR National Vice Chair, Community Service Awards