Committees & Projects

To promote the DAR core mission areas of patriotism, education, and historic preservation, Manor House Chapter, NSDAR, participates in a variety of NSDAR committees & projects. Committee chairs help the chapter have a positive impact on our local community by facilitating our participation in relevant events and activities. Listed below are the NSDAR and chapter committees and projects in which Manor House members are currently engaged. Please contact us for additional information.

America 250!

The America 250! Committee aids in planning DAR's involvement in the upcoming 250th birthday celebration of the United States in 2026.

American Heritage

The American Heritage Committee was established to preserve our rich American heritage in the fields of art and sculpture, crafts, fiber arts, literature and drama, and music. 

American History

The American History Committee honors historical people, places, dates, and events, sponsors the American History Essay Contests, and recognizes the contributions of women in American history.

American Indians

The American Indians Committee is entrusted to the continuing education of the history and culture of this community as well as the support of the educational and cultural pursuits of its citizens.


The Americanism Committee encourages DAR members to become involved in their local naturalization process and assist new immigrants with citizenship and oversees the approval process for the DAR Medal of Honor and the DAR Americanism Medal. 

Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)

The goal of the National Society Children of the American Revolution is to train young people in citizenship, leadership, and love for America and its heritage. DAR members provide leadership, guidance and support for C.A.R. members.

Chapter Achievement Awards & DCDAR Chapter Honors

The Chapter Achievement Award & DCDAR Chapter Honors Committee aids the chapter in achieving the historical, educational, and patriotic objectives of the National & State Societies.

Commemorative Events

The Commemorative Events Committee encourages celebration and observation of commemorative events each year which are highlighted by the National Society.

Community Classroom

The Community Classroom Committee encourages volunteerism and support to children in classrooms and schools in the local community.

Community Service Awards

The Community Service Awards Committee recognizes worthy individuals and organizations for outstanding voluntary service in the community.


The Conservation Committee promotes efforts to protect and conserve America’s natural resources, with a special focus on our local community.

Constitution Week

September 17-23 is Constitution Week. In 1955–56, NSDAR was instrumental in the creation of Constitution Week as a national week of recognition and education about the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution Week Committee promotes educating the community about historical events surrounding the creation/ratification of the Constitution.

DAR Genealogy Preservation

The DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee promotes participation in projects that preserve genealogical documents and contribute to the genealogical records of the National Society.

DAR Good Citizens

The DAR Good Citizens Committee recognizes outstanding young people who exhibit the qualities of good citizenship in their homes, schools, and communities.

DAR Leadership Training

The DAR Leadership Training Committee promotes knowledge of DAR, development of volunteer leadership skills, and provides learning opportunities for members.

DAR Magazine

The DAR Magazine Committee promotes subscriptions to American Spirit, DAR's award-winning magazine featuring history, genealogy, patriotism, and education. Subscribe today!

DAR Museum Outreach

The DAR Museum Outreach Committee promotes support of the DAR Museum, a public museum housed at the National Society's Washington, DC headquarters that collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets the material culture and social history of pre-industrial America. Visit the DAR Museum:

DAR Project Patriot

The DAR Project Patriot Committee supports America’s service members and their families through fundraising and activities, including: sending care packages and letters to service members overseas, and/or supporting local Reserve/National Guard units and their families.

DAR Scholarship

The DAR Scholarship Committee works to connect local District of Columbia students to scholarship opportunities through the National and State Societies.

DAR School

The DAR School Committee promotes awareness of DAR-supported schools and facilitates collection of Box Tops for Education, among other efforts to benefit DAR schools.

DAR Service for Veterans

The DAR Service for Veterans Committee supports and recognizes veterans for their service, sacrifice, and commitment to the preservation of our nation’s freedom.

The Flag of the United States of America

The Flag of the United States of America Committee promotes patriotic use, respect for, and education regarding the nation's Flag.

Genealogical Records

The Genealogical Records Committee focuses on finding and preserving historic source records and genealogical materials, including in local archives, cemeteries and historical family records, such as Bibles, diaries, or newspapers.

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Committee promotes and supports historic preservation of the nation's historical record, including preserving materials, buildings, sites, and artifacts.


The Insignia Committee promotes the correct usage and wearing of the National Society's insignia.

Junior American Citizens

The Junior American Citizens Committee engages with the nation's youth from preschool to high school regarding good citizenship, including principles of service, democracy and love of country.

Junior Membership

The Junior Membership Committee promotes membership and active participation for women aged 35 and younger in Chapter, State and National activities.

Lineage Research

The Lineage Research Committee works with prospective members to aid in their genealogical research and preparation of applications in conjunction with the Chapter Registrar.

Literacy Promotion

The Literacy Promotion Committee supports literacy efforts in the local community, including volunteer work with local organizations, book drives and other activities.


The Membership Committee welcomes new and prospective members into the chapter and engages current members in chapter activities.

National Defense

The National Defense Committee supports national defense efforts to protect freedom and awards DAR ROTC, JROTC, and Distinguished Citizens Medals.


The Page Committee promotes member participation in paging at State and National events and answers member questions regarding paging.

Patriot Records Project

The Patriot Records Project Committee indexes Revolutionary War-era records of American patriots and increases the records available in the DAR Genealogy Research System.

President General's Project

The President General’s Project Committee supports the special project of the NSDAR President General, including promoting member participation and contributions.


The Protocol Committee provides guidance on correct etiquette, ceremonial forms and courtesies.

Public Relations & Media

The Public Relations & Media Committee promotes and records the activities of the chapter through photographs, press releases and social media.

Service to America

The Service to America Committee promotes member participation in meaningful volunteer service in the local community.

Units Overseas

The Units Overseas Committee promotes member engagement and chapter partnerships with DAR Overseas Chapters, which are located around the world from France to Japan.

Volunteer Genealogists

The Volunteer Genealogists Committee promotes the DAR genealogy education programs, assists with prospective member applications, and volunteers to help other chapters with applications.

Volunteer Information Specialists (VIS)

The Volunteer Information Specialists (VIS) Committee manages the chapter website and promotes the use of available DAR online services.

Women's Issues

The Women’s Issues Committee promotes awareness of health, career, and family issues facing today’s women and engagement in volunteer activities to aid women in our local community.